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Hey, I'm Scott, the creator of I'm a guitar player and, as you all know, a lot of the times your instrument gets out of tune. Being the financial struggling student I was, I didn't own a decent guitar tuner. So I looked on the web, and the online guitar tuners I did find, didn't suit the needs i was looking for. So I decided to build my own tuner. That is how the idea of came about:

" - The place on the internet, to get tuned. So everyone will always have a place to get tuned. Maybe you do have a portable tuner, but sometimes you might find yourself without it, and for those dark moments - you will know where to go... GET-TUNED.COM!!!"

Seriously, I want to make this website as good as possible. Not just for guitar players, but for everyone who has an instrument to tune - ukuleles, cellos, bass guitars, banjos, violins, mandolins, etc.

So if you see something on this site, that is lacking, that you think could be better, let me know, help a bro out and let me know. You can find the contact information on this page. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Thank You for helping be the best place out there to get tuned, online!