How To Tune a Guitar

Tuning your guitar properly can make a huge difference on the impact of your music. A nicely tuned instrument can send chills of musical ecstasy down your audiences' spines, while a guitar with a poor tuning job might make the audience cringe and you might be peeling tomato pulp off your face after the show. Here we show you many methods on how to tune a guitar.

Methods on Tuning a Guitar

online guitar tuner
Online Guitar Tuner

5th Fret Method

5th Fret Tuning Method

This is a common method used to quickly tune and check the tuning of your guitar. You can get one string tuned and then tune the rest of your strings to that string.



You can use a keyboard or piano to tune each individual string to a specific note on the piano. An easy and quick way for beginners.

Electronic Tuners

Electronic Tuners

Tuning with an Electronic tuner is an easy task. Just twang your string and turn the pegs until it matches with the corresponding note.


Harmonic Tuning

Tuning with harmonics is a more advanced way of tuning a guitar. You tune a guitar by playing a harmonic on a string and matching it with the same harmonic note on another string.

Guitar Humidity

Guitar Humidifiers

Learn about humidity and how it affects your guitar. A guitar humidifier is a wise investment to keep your instrument in good condition.

Restring Guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridge

Restringing the Floyd Rose Bridge

Learn how to change the strings on a guitar that has a floyd rose floating tremolo bridge. These guitars often have locking tuners as well and we explain how to tune them.

Introduction to Guitar Tablature and Techniques

Guitar Tab

Learn how to read guitar tablature and how to read specific guitar techniques that are expressed in tablature form.

Boiling Guitar Strings

Guitar Tab

Learn how to boil your old guitar strings so they sound like new again. Explains why and how to do it.

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