Tuning with Electronic Guitar Tuners

There are many different types of electronic guitar tuners out there. Some are cheap while some are pretty expensive. There are basically two different types of tuners. There are the tuners that produce a sound, and then you tune your guitar to match that sound; and the other type it the type that you pluck a string, and then it shows on a little screen what pitch your at, and then you tune it till it matches the correct note.

Here are some pictures of tuners:

Electronic Guitar Tuner

This tuner is a tuner where you pluck a string and then tune it to match it with the correct note

Electronic Guitar Tuner

This tuner is the type of guitar tuner that plays a tone for each string, and the you tune the corresponding string to the tone.

Tuning your Guitar

First of all you need to know what each string's note is. Here is a picture that shows you.


So the thickest string(6th String) note is E. When you tune with a guitar tuner make sure the tune that is being played is a E. If you are using the other type of tuner then match the 6th String till it hovers over the 'E'.

Do this with each of the strings. Remember that standard tuning is EADGBE.

We have an online tuner for you so you don't have to go out and buy one. Here is a link to our Online Guitar Tuner. This is the type of tuner that plays a sound and then you match your guitar strings to the corresponding tune.

Congratulations on tuning your guitar!

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Omg amazing

by doglover on

EADGBE, got it.

by russ on
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