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Use this free online guitar tuner to tune up your guitar. You may use this to tune any type of guitar that has 6 strings such as an acoustic, electric, or even classical guitar. This is set for the standard EADGBE guitar tuning. For other methods on how to tune your guitar go to our Guitar Tuning Methods page.

If you have a 12-String Guitar then click here. Also check out our Adjustable Online Guitar Tuner that allows you to tune your guitar to alternate tunings.

How to use this tuner: Click on the note for the string you want to tune and then turn the tuning pegs on your guitar to match it up with the note that is being played. For best results adjust the volume on your computer until it has the same volume as your guitar.

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Jessica [11/16/2011 14:30]

all you need to tune to is the E string. you can tune the A string to the E strings 5th fret, the D to the A strings 5th fret, the G to the D's 5th fret, the B to the D string's 4th fret, and the e to the B's 5th fret

dave84brady [02/10/2012 01:37]

Great post to increase massive amount of visitors. Replying to each comment really helps getting popular and helpful when you are just starting out.Thanks for sharing :)

travis [05/11/2012 22:01]

weres the ffffkknn guitar tuner damit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

travis [05/11/2012 22:03]

no longer happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

travis [05/11/2012 23:03]

why are you doing this to me.

jasoncobain11 [05/22/2012 16:18]

great!!!!!!!! :D

rossier_marvez [06/26/2012 21:38]

hey, where is the tuner????

thlmobile [12/18/2012 23:23]

I just became a member because this is the tuner I always use to tune my 34 year old applause when I re-string .

tandl68 [03/20/2013 08:03]

I think this web site is the worst I have ever seen. I have not been able to tune my guitar at all.

Nikola [03/27/2013 10:47]

Onlie elected are know how to tune... Thank you for this!

Labwalker+2 [07/16/2013 16:35]

this site is the best. It doesn't tune the instrument for you it lets you ear get involved in the process.

Stanssongs [12/10/2013 19:08]

I see comments here where people can't see the tuner. I made this acct. so I could comment here. You must have Flash installed to see the tuner. If you do have flash click on the [b:23tp81jz]E A D G B E[/b:23tp81jz] squares on the guitar pic above when you click on one, it will play that note. I have heard some phones do not run flash, I only use computers to ge online, they have a large enough screen to actually See stuff and I can have flash.

RayNoble [12/27/2013 09:06]

Thank you so much for the guitar tuner. I am a teacher and when I get new students, I put this tuner on their computer so they have a way to keep their guitar tuned until they can buy a tuner. Very beneficial. This was very considerate of you guys.

kent dread [01/31/2014 08:08]

when I click a for a guitar tuner none of them come up instead I see the forum page. Could you please advise me?

coe [04/09/2014 16:50]

This is useless im with kent all i get is forums

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