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Online 12 String Guitar Tuner

     Use this free online 12 string guitar tuner to tune up your guitar. This is for the standard eEaAdDgGBBEE 12 String Guitar tuning. A 12 string guitar is split up into 6 pairs of 2 strings. The thicker string of the pair is tuned to the same note and octave as a regular 6 string guitar. The thinner string, on the pair of strings 3-6, is tuned one octave higher than its pair. On the first and second pairs, the notes are the same octave and each string in the pair should sound exactly the same to its other string in the pair. This is eEaAdDgGBBEE tuning. The lowercase letters means that it is one octave higher then its counterpart.

Tune your 12-String Guitar

Alternate Tunings

    If you need a different tuning then, check out our adjustable guitar tuner, and select the tuning you want and then tune the thicker strings it like you would a 6 string guitar and ignore the smaller string of the pair. Once you've done that, go back and tune the thinner strings 1 octave higher to whatever the notes is on the thicker string. Do this with all the strings except on the 1st and 2nd pair. Like we mentioned earlier, the first and second pair of strings are the same octave so just tune it to the exact note of its other string in the pair.

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travis [05/11/2012 23:01]

i need to tune my 12 string why is there no tuner? is this a sick joke ive been using this web site for years. a lot. now what

swamptoonz [05/19/2012 06:01]

The topic for these posts is the on-line 12 string guitar tuner, but the link is showing these comments under the online bass guitar tuner! And what happened to all the posts that were there a few months ago? There were some posts with information only available from people who had been playing 12 string guitars for 2 to 4 decades that just dissappeared? Not cool at all guys, for all our sake, bring them back, make that info available again!

K houghton [07/19/2012 08:41]

Fantastic it's as simple as that

poeyzdiigo [08/20/2012 12:41]

wonderful.. this is help me. i will tell my friend about this tuned online..

rangervetbret [09/08/2012 22:10]

I just became a member because this is the tuner I always use to tune my 34 year old applause when I re-string . works exelent thank you

thlmobile [12/18/2012 23:22]

I have been strumming and picking on is Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles.

slider [01/29/2013 16:48]

Quick and easy! Thanks!

Jrome990 [08/29/2013 02:20]

Nice no hassle, love it.

Petshop Pete [12/12/2013 04:18]

cant get your site to work . what a Poor site compared to how it was before. What have you done.

eddiepomfret [01/02/2014 10:42]

eEaAdDgGBBEE When buying new strings for a 12 string guitar what string do you use for e,a,d and g

Ronda Walker [02/14/2014 19:28]

I could never quite get my 12 string perfectly tuned. This tuner has made such a difference! Thank U!

david6951 [02/24/2014 09:47]

Where did the tuner go?

mondo50 [03/12/2014 14:01]

great site. I use this for my 12 string guitars and my mandolin. great sound too..Thanks for the site, Really appreciate it..

mondo50 [03/12/2014 14:56]

I just purchased another 12 string acoustic/electric. So I added a black Mitchell go with my Yamaha FG-260 Acoustic 12 string. I like being able to tune both guitars to the same tuner cause sometimes all tuners aren't the same, and if your playing a 12 string you find out if your in tune real quick.

Gibson1969 [03/20/2014 12:15]

Where is the tuner???? I am an iPad user, is that the problem?

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