Online Viola Tuner

Use this free online viola tuner to tune up your viola. This is for the standard CGDA viola tuning. Click on the note for the string you want to tune and then turn the tuning pegs on your viola and match it up with the note that is being played. Use your tuning pegs at the top of the viola to get close to the correct tone, and then use the tuning pegs on the bridge to do the fine tuning.

ALERT Sorry, your web browser does not support Adobe Flash or does not have it installed. Most Apple products do not support Flash. Please use our HTML5 Viola Tuner that will work with almost all modern browsers.

Note: Both the Viola and Cello have the same tunings, only the strings on the Viola are one octave higher. So you can use this online tuner to tune your cello also!

If you want to tune your viola using alternate viola tunings, check out our new Online Viola Tuner which allows you to change the pitch for each string.

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Comments (42)
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Brlee tuner don't have one

by Jacob on


Wow this really works it's cool to have a quick source that I can rely on!

by Kailey on


by amby on

It's not letting me hear the sounds and I have one day to master 2 pieces!!! On A scale from 1 to 10 it's a -9999999999999

by Thx nothing on

Sort of Awsome

by thomas on

This website won't let me tune

by Unanimous on

This is such an amazing program!

by Matthew on

I loved it worked so well I could hear the right note and then I could make the correction on my viola to match the sound it was awesome

by Isabelle wright on

It was perfect. Thank you.


its okay

by xavier on


it worked great thanks!!!

by Jesse Kukulis on

I'd say so!

This is an extra cool, very ROCK ON sort of viola tuner! I like this one a lot! Yes!

Have a Rock On kind of day!

by Scarah on

Maybe they could improve this site by actually having a mic that hears the sound of your viola and tells you if its sharp or flat. Thats why I use garage band on my computer or an app on my phone called "simple viola tuner" - m

by m on

my grandson (lead drummer) used this to tune his grandfather's 60 year old viola. Worked great.

by NS on

^ OML im famous now :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

by Gwyn on

WOW? What a greaaatt program. just sitting at home trying to play a jam or two with my pals and this came in HANDY. love ur sofware and i love u

by Gena McLaughlin on

this is cool thanks for helping me tune

by anonymous on


This worked well. I am the 1st chair viola in my 2nd period class but even i need some help tuning. It's just one of those off days.

by XDplayer665 on


mr.kelly is nice I have her in my 7th period class and I amd the best 7th grade viola player in the class

by samya on

works on my viola which is always out of tune

by me on
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