Online Instrument Tuner

The tuner below works by capturing audio from a microphone connected to your computer. The program detects the pitch of the captured audio and tells you what note is being played an how out of tune it may be.

How to use this tuner: This tuner works essentially how a handheld electronic tuner would. You play a string, and it reports back to you if the tone is sharp or flat. All you need is your computer and a microphone. Push Start when you are ready to begin capturing audio.

This tuner is still under development. Comment below if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions. I am still working on it to make it ultra-user friendly and to make it the best free online instrument tuner out there. Help me, help you.

This browser does not have a Java Plug-in.
Get the latest Java Plug-in here.

NOTE: When loading this page for the first time, your pc will ask you something along the lines of "The application's digital signature cannot be verified. Do you want to run the application?". It says this because the program needs to access your computer resources to capture the audio from your microphone, so it is just a security precaution, just know that this is normal.

IF IT DOESN'T WORK: This tuner works by using the Operating System's Default Recording Line. Make sure your microphone is plugged. Check to see if the recording volume is reasonable and that your Operating System detects your microphone. Test your microphone by trying to record something by using your OS's default sound recorder. If you record a sound and play it back and it doesn't work, I highly doubt this tuner would work, so you would need to fix that. If recording a sound file does work but this tuner does not, then comment below and tell me what Operating System and Sound Card/Motherboard you have.

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wheres the tuner?

by slah on

Where's the flute tuner, it's too confusing. There's almost no good flute tuning apps and I go to the most visited site and it gives me nothing.

by PS on

It took a bit, but I got it working and I have to say, this is the best tuner I've seen online.

Java has different security settings now. On Windows 10, you cannot use Microsoft Edge, since it does not use Java. I used Firefox but you have to go into the Java Security settings.

Go to your apps and choose Java/Configure Java. The Java Control Panel will open. Click on Security and under the exception list, put the entire URL for the tuner in as an exception ( Make sure the Enable box is checked and put the setting at "High".

Close the browser completely then reopen it to the get-tuned URL. It should work after you check the security prompts.

by Jim Orlando on

Not a Scam!

For those computer ignorant folks. Just try using a different browser that has the correct Java plugin. I don't believe it works with chrome and its sometimes quirky with firefox.

I use Edge (Explorer) only for the tuner. It works great.

by Jim on

This thing is ******* ****

by name on

by on


by deez nutz on



BASKETBALL IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


440 vs. 432 free quincy tuning

check out the 1 rst phase conjugate of pythagoras tuning by JAMIE BUTURFF on you tube.I believe you will appreciate his findings on ancient tunings. it seems that there is there is a much deeper aspect to tunings and the mathmatical correlations than we ever knew. maybe it could enhance your already possesed skills & knowlegde .I have found your tuners to be my favorites over any others.thankyou! and pay no attention to the haters, there just angry at themselves because they suck at playing music because they can't even get in tune with an EASY TO USE very accurate and fast tuner like the one you have designed, built and provided for free.I would like to offer you an idea . contact me at my address so i could send it to you. thankyou so much. TR.

by tr on



by trúc đào on

Works great - just had to add exception for your site in Java settings in control panel. Thanks!

by Pete on

Yeah where the **** is the actual tuner plus my clarinet sounds horrible

by lucidia3000 on

Where is the flute tuner they are the sugar to a band made of cake

by Madison McJimpsey on

It's still a work in progress

Google Chrome doesn't support the old Java plugins anymore. They use new ones that are "safer". I you want to use it, just get Firefox or use Internet Explorer and download an updated java. If it still doesn't work, go to a different site or buy a real tuner. This is a progress. Hope all you ignorant people who use chrome but don't read any of the notifications about them not using the old java plugins would just shut up.

by FoYoInfo on

this is horrible it wont work for my where is the tuner

by meeee on

****.**** you *****

by :):):) on

this sucks

by :):):) on

This is nothing but a scam wheres the tuner thanks for nothing this sucks!you need to fix this cause now i have to waste $10 dolars on a real tuner.THX FOR NOTHING!!!!!

by Noneofyourbussniess on



by jeff on
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