Online Cello Tuner

Use this free online cello tuner to tune up your cello. This is for the standard CGDA cello tuning. Click on the note for the string you want to tune and then adjust the fine tuner, and tuning pegs if necessary, to match it up with the note that is being played. Also you can use this online tuner for your viola, it is the same tuning.

For other methods on how to tune your cello go to our Cello Tuning Methods page.

Cello Tuner

String 4 String 3 String 2 String 1
Alternative Tunings

If there is no sound or the tuner does not work, try updating your web browser to the latest version. If it still does not work, please try our older Online Cello Tuner that runs on Adobe Flash.

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Comments (103)
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mr cello approves

by :D::DDDDDDD:::::DDDDDD :D on

@Osvaldo But can ya tunafish? Ba-dum-ding!

by mojo on

Of course it sounds different than a cello; so does a clarinet--I can still tune my cello to a clarinet.

by Osvaldo on

I feel like people are paid to say that this is a great tuner. It sounds very different because it's computerized. It's also very hard to tune to

by anon on

Nice tuner, use it every day

by Jackson on


you can make cool sound with this

by pax on

Really good! I love it

by Ephie on

agree with nether frost ... But it's helped me a lot

by Cyrus on

Nono work o

by Bob iio on

No no worko

Nono work o

by Bob iio on

No no worko

Nono work o

by Bob iio on


I'm struggling....

by King on

Use it everyday

by Emma on

Great tuner!

by Blub on

ur mom

by poooop ass on

very good tuner

this is so goooood!!!!!!!!

by m70278 youtube on

If you could make this a bit less computer-generated sounding, it would be perfect. Otherwise, this is great!

by Netherfrost99 on

Very good tuner

by Jackson on

your mom is right

by SuperCoolGuy on

your mom approves of this

by your mom on
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