Online Cello Tuner

Use this free online cello tuner to tune up your cello. This is for the standard CGDA cello tuning. Click on the note for the string you want to tune and then adjust the fine tuner, and tuning pegs if necessary, to match it up with the note that is being played. Also you can use this online tuner for your viola, it is the same tuning.

For other methods on how to tune your cello go to our Cello Tuning Methods page.

Cello Tuner

String 4 String 3 String 2 String 1
Alternative Tunings

If there is no sound or the tuner does not work, try updating your web browser to the latest version. If it still does not work, please try our older Online Cello Tuner that runs on Adobe Flash.

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I am 11 and have been playing cello scince i was in second grade. And this is good but not the BEST.

by Choirboy11 on

I enjoy it! Also $%!@ you i hate gays you $%#@ suck! (I am not gay but still it is not nice Mann)

by Choirboy 11 on

Not nice man

by Dcd0c on

It sucks. Not even a real note so it’s impossible to actually and accurately tune the cello

by Jacob on

This helped me very much. Thanks,!

by Karen on


this did not help me or my friend at all. also i am bisexual and i respect your opinion. however being a homophobic asshole will not help anyone

by allebasi on

This tuner worked well for my cello, and I am in 6th grade.

by Mckayley on

varyyyyyyyy baddddddddd

by bob on


by on

Dear Homophobic

On behalf of every gay person in the world, We’re sorry you feel this way about us but how is it any different from likeing people of the opposite gender. If gay people hated and feared straight people and it was accepted by almost everybody to be gay and some people hated straights and claimed it was against ‘their beliefs’ and I wrote the same thing you did and would you be writing this comment? In the end we all look the same inside and we all bleed the same. (Especially when I gut you like the rotting carcass you are and hang your head on my wall as a trophy)

by Gay ambassador on

I have a question, I just got a string replaced and my cello when I play has a weird buzzing too it. I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on and how I can fix it

by Abby on

Hay I am 10.I have been playing the cello for over 1 year.This site helps but it isn't better than my old tuner.😛📱😝😒

by Joseph on

Hay I am 10.I have been playing the cello for over 1 year.This site helps but it isn't better than my old tuner.😛📱😝😒

by Joseph on

(: (: (: (: (:

by jessie on

isn't it weird that a cello tuning website gets this many comments!

by jessie on

It's ok

Didn't tune my cello properly it was off a little bit. The notes were also very confusing I didn't know which were the original note names

by Cori on



by Ssssss on

this app was a lifesaver

by Cat lover on

Hi i am 9 years old and i started the cello half a year ago and this app has really helped me through playing the cello.I love this website.

by Ebba Thomas on

well...i mean, gay people are pretty cool and im happy with being gay so i mean *shrug*

by Toby on
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