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Online Bass Guitar Tuner

Use this free online bass guitar tuner to tune up a bass guitar. This is for the standard EADG bass guitar tuning.

If you need a different tuning then check out our latest adjustable bass guitar tuner that supports adjustable notes so you can tune your bass guitar to alternate tunings. For other methods on how to tune a bass guitar go to our Bass Guitar Tuning Methods page. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments.

tune your bass guitar

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Jessica [11/07/2011 13:42]

Best tuner i have used, it is really easy to tune my bass with this.

Leonidas [11/07/2011 13:45]

You saved me the time and money for a tune... also passed another one to my Ninja Brethren also.

ibanezed4yrs [04/28/2013 15:04]

ads took over the tuner..

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