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Use this free online banjo tuner to tune up your banjo. This is for a standard 5-string Banjo, in GDGBD tuning. For other methods on how to tune your banjo go to our Banjo Tuning Methods page. If you have a banjo that has six strings it might be a banjo guitar and that is tuned like the guitar. For those of you who have a 4-string banjo, it is tuned the same as the viola or cello in CGDA.

ALERT Sorry, your web browser does not support Adobe Flash or does not have it installed. Most Apple products do not support Flash. Please use our HTML5 Banjo Tuner that will work with almost all modern browsers.

If you want to tune your banjo using alternate banjo tunings, check out our new Online Banjo Tuner which allows you to change the pitch for each string.

Note: For those of you who are beginners and don't understand the tuning of a banjo. The banjo tuning is unique because the last string is actually higher in pitch then the rest of the strings. So for those of you who are wondering what's up with this tuner - it's normal.

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Thank you ! I just picked up a Fender FB-55 banjo first time player you made It real easy to get started! Hopefully I'll be picken & grinnin before to long! I think I'm addicted to bluegrass now!! Have a good one!That's all folk's for now any way!! Thank's ,Jay

by Jay Lindsay on

My electronic tuner quit on me. Tuned by ear. Found this site - I was half atone off! Back in tune now.

by pete on

Great Tuner!

I have always wanted to play banjo. At age 65 finally bought a 5 string and this site helped me through my first lesson. Thanks.

by Mary on

Banjo Tuner

I have played banjo for about 40 years, built banjos for years, and taught banjo for decades. This tuner is functional and user friendly for any banjo player.

Nicely done.

Roger Vittitoe - Cocoa Beach, Florida

by roger vittitoe on

Definitely the "go-to" banjo tuner. Thanks heaps, Mat

by Mathew on

Bookmarked this site! Saved my bacon when changing strings.
Thank You !!

by Jim on

I have tenor banjo, tuning DGBD, and here is presentacion:

by Umuhumunapuapua on



by Adam on


Played guitar years ago. Wife got me a banjo for our 35th anniversary. Live in small town, so help from another banjo player is not an option. Thanks for this page.

by Bill on

First Banjo!

Somebody presented me a Banjo as a Christmas present.Never in life played a banjo before! What more to say to strum and to pluck the proper correct ways. Thank you for tuning up my first banjo!

by stephen on

deez nuts

by joe on

lt. col.

cant find tenor banjo tuning g c d a help! thanks tom

by tom muth on

lt. col.

cant find tenor banjo tuning g c d a help! thanks tom

by tom muth on

Use it every day.Well done. Thanks.

by Mike C on

Thanks for the quick tuneup. And tenor banjos are also tuned like a fiddle and mandolin -- GDAE.

by Faye on

please add dobro tuning GBDGBD

by tomlithgoe on

I am just starting how to play the banjo. Which strings are which letters?

by dave on


This is a wonderful tuner system! I was just playing Foggy Mountain Breakdown and my banjo was out of tune and I retuned it and it sounds amazing!

Amazing Tuner! -Ian

by Ian on

I'm playing like the great Eddie Peabody now that I got my banjo tuned!

by Earl on
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