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The notes on the violin Use this free online violin tuner to tune your violin. This is for the standard GDAE violin tuning. Use the tuning pegs at the top of the violin to get close to the correct tone, and then use the fine tuners on the tail piece to do the fine tuning. The image on the right shows the notes for each string and also shows where the fine tuners are located.

If there is no sound or the tuner above does not work, try updating your web browser to the latest version. If it still does not work, please try our older Online Violin Tuner that runs on Adobe Flash.

Violin Tuner

String 4 String 3 String 2 String 1
Alternative Tunings

Caution: If your violin is extremely out of tune or if you are replacing the strings on the violin, and tuning it the first time, you have to be careful. If this is the case then tune each string a little at a time and then go on to the next string. You want to keep the tension on each string fairly equal. The bridge is not glued or attached to the violin, it is held there by the tension of the strings. If the tension varies too much it might cause the bridge to collapse. Also while you are tuning pay attention to the bridge, it should always be perpendicular to your violin and be straight, not angled.

Essential Elements for Strings (Violin)Learn how to play: Now that you have your violin tuned, it is time to start playing it. Beginner violin players tend to have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to learning how to play. Visit our article on Learn How To Play the Violin.

The Essential Elements for Strings is a great resource for those who are beginning violin or experienced players who want to hone their skills.

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It is good but I believe the E and G arent in tune exactly also the "beeps" need to be longer, i will still use this tho

by auge on

Good tuner

by blah on

it is sooo easy to tune the violin with this tunet

by hehe on

It's ok nothing special.

by UdunnoWhoIAm on

They should have a setting where the notes play continuously without stopping and not just in beeps.

by Anonymous on

thanks this is great i tune in less than 5 minutes thanks to this tuner

by this be awsome on

Reply to comment below.

Why would you want a sixth notes on E string? You can just sing DO RE MI TO GET IT. Or from the last octave on A string. If you got an untrained ear then ignore this comment.

by Akanao on

I want to use the one my teacher uses but I won't let me

by Hahahandmdmdm on

Great. ❤️ It.

by Orange on

Hello! I use this website a lot. The problem is, like, six notes on the E string are unusable. Can you fix that, please? It's sort of annoying....But it's the only thing I don't like about your website. If you're not able to fix it, that's OK, and I'll just get help from my violin teacher. Thank you!

by Arglefwap on

by You on

I still don't understand how to tune it

by You on

I used this and it worked like a charm

by Hannah on

I tuned all strings except A. Any suggestions????

by Person on

Vilion Tuner

this works so well with my Vilion and my teacher will have to check this out thanks for the help.

by Elizabeth Rolland on

Tuned violin without teacher's help

by Noname on

this website sucks

by Haley on

yeah totally

by Emme on

well, this helped

by Allie on

I can get all the strings tuned using a tuner except the E string. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

by Eve on
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