Tuning with Electronic Ukulele Tuners

There are many different types of electronic tuners out there. Some are cheap, while others can be very expensive. There are two basic types of tuners for you to choose from - tuners that produce a tone that you use to tune your string by ear, and tuners that show you on a small screen what pitch your string is when you pluck it, and guide you to the correct pitch.

Electronic Ukulele Tuner

This tuner is a tuner where you pluck a string and then tune it to match it with the correct note

Electronic Ukulele Tuner

This tuner is the type of ukulele tuner that plays a tone for each string, and the you tune the corresponding string to the tone.

Lucky for you, we have both types of tuners here for free! If you are after a simple, easy-to-use G4-C4-A4-E4 tuner, then head over to our Online Ukulele Tuner. This tuner plays a note for you to tune to by ear. Turn the tuning peg for the corresponding string until the note the tuner is making and the note your string is making match.

If you are using alternative tuning, never fear! Our awesome Adjustable Online Ukulele Tuner will let you choose between several different alternate ukulele tunings, and it also lets you choose the notes you want to tune to manually, which is great if you need to tune your string(s) to a specific note. This tuner works exactly the same as our other ukulele tuner, except you can manually change the pitch of the note you want to tune your string to.

Not quite confident with tuning to a set note on your own? You can use our Online Chromatic Instrument Tuner to tune your ukulele. It works just how a handheld electric tuner would! You will need to have a microphone connected to your computer in order to use this one, as it needs to be able to pick up how your string sounds in order to help you tune. To use this tuner, simply pluck a string on your ukulele and the microphone should pick up the note you have played and tell you what that note is. Turn the peg on your ukulele (either clockwise or anti-clockwise, depending on whether the note the tuner registered is too high or too low) and then pluck the string again. The note that the tuner picked up the second time should have changed. Keep adjusting the pitch of the string by turning the tuner pegs until the dial on the electronic tuner hovers over the correct note. Repeat for each of your strings.

To see other methods on how to tune the ukulele visit our How to Tune the Ukulele page.

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I got a small soprano uke as a gift for a young child. I would like to find it since she will not know how. It came with a electronic tuner to "clip on" no further instructions. Where ?????

by Penni on

Tuning and pitch

My tuner has a setting on it for pitch e.g. 432. It's a concert uke and I'd like to know what pitch setting I should use?

by A Etheridge on

I have a korg and i loves it

by Tifa on
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